FrEnCH CoUNtrYsidE DaY TriPPinG

Punami was invited to a beautiful French Countryside Estate in Breonne. This magical property transformed us into kids again, running through the unkempt statue garden – discovering secrets under the brush. We found old costumes on the property and ran around like wild children, filming a music video on this lovely property.

PaRis LE HOtt JazZ

I arrived from Copenhagen eager to meet up with the rest of our bandmates.  Saisha is our beautiful percussionist who recently arrived in Paris from traveling through Madagascar.

GrEaT DaNES oF cOPENhagen

We hopped on a five hour train ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen and had beds booked in a six-bed dorm at the the Public City Hostel which turned out to be a fantastic hostel with a relaxed staff. The guitar-man statue in front was inviting us!

suNNy NiGhTs oF StOcKHoLM

The climate changes rapidly every day – the clouds roll in fast, pour down rain and then the sun breaks through making for wonderful skies; this happened a few times a day during our stay here in June.  When we first came here we encountered a lot of rain.

GooDbYE, AmStErDaM. WE ShALL ReTuRn!

Amsterdam is such a classic city.  We found it to be a fantastic setting for riding our wooden cart through the lovely canal streets, playing our hot jazz song, Shine.

PüNaMí oN wHEELs

Everyday in Amsterdam is a new adventure.  Pünamí found a new tour bus – so we hit these historic, canal streets gangsta style in our beat-wagon.